Cora Ball Review

"What is Cora Ball?" (you probably?)

The Cora Ball is a low-impact pollution solution designed to minimize the waste produced by running laundry. During washing, a plastic bottle’s worth of microfibers wash off from clothes, draining out into the ocean. According to Cora Ball, cloths in America are about 60% plastic.


What's the problem?

We covered why it matters what goes down your drain in our Water Cycle post where we dove into where your water comes from, how we use it, and where it goes.  

How does it work?

Cora Ball’s eponymous product is a small plastic ball that uses multiple small hook-like appendages to collect these fibers during a washing cycle and can be manually cleaned, preventing these fibers from flowing into the ocean.


Does it work?

I have used Cora Ball for several months on dozens of loads of laundry. Unfortunately, I have not managed to observe the product in action: while I remove it from each load hoping to find a mountain of microfibers attached, I find myself lucky to even detect one. This could be because I have a front loading washer, use liquid detergent, wash mostly on cold, and it's been warm out recently so I haven't been washing big bulky clothes. All of those, according to Cora Ball, reduce the number of microfibers released during laundry. 


Final thoughts...

I find the beauty of Cora Ball to lie within its concept; that of a small, potentially sustainable device with minimal user impact. It is incredibly easy to use, and surprisingly durable, surviving at least one unintentional trip through my dryer. I’ll continue to use Cora Ball thanks to the peace of mind it brings, as well as the minimal impact it has on my lifestyle. (And of course, continue to look for the mountain of microfibers attached when I pull it out!)

You can learn more about the Cora Ball on their website here



Have you tried it? Let us know your thoughts. 


  • I’ve been uding coraboll for about half a year. I don’t see any difference and has never ever collected other than my own hair. Very dissapointing!

  • Thanks for your review. I’ll be interested to see if it gathers more fibers as it’s used in the winter months.
    Another thought…maybe many of your clothes are 100% cotton & therefore aren’t shedding plastics?


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