Your Volunteering for the Environment Guide


Getting Started:

One of the easiest ways to get involved in environmental volunteering is by searching online what organizations in your area are available. The green volunteering movement has gained traction over the past couple of decades. There are now community gardens scattered all over the country completely maintained by volunteers. So finding a volunteer organization should not be that difficult especially if you reside in a large urban area.

The difficulty for most of us these days is actually finding something we feel passionate enough about to take the time out of our busy lives to support it. And even then, volunteering should not cause stress, we think it should decrease it!

Types of Volunteering Organizations:

Community Gardens:

As mentioned previously, one way to volunteer for the environment is through the work on a small farm or community garden. Not only will this greatly increase the biodiversity in your area, but you will also reap the benefits in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. (Which we know from food month is super important ;) )

Clean Ups:

Another way to volunteer for the planet is trash clean up on roads and waterways. Often times, municipalities cannot keep up with all the litter that is left behind by ordinary citizens. Although it may seem insignificant, picking up pieces of trash is one of the best ways to make your community healthier. Small pieces of trash can be detrimental to life on this planet as seen in the viral video of the sea turtle with a straw stuck up his nose. River, ocean, and roadway cleanups are always taking place and there are many associations that organize these cleanup events.

Support Parks:

Thirdly, you can use your energy and time to volunteer at a national or state park. There are opportunities to volunteer as trek guides where you are allowed to roam and lead troops throughout the park. National and state parks are always looking for volunteers even if it is just for a couple of hours.


Why Volunteer you ask?

Volunteering helps you keep engaged with your community while at the same time, getting you out of your comfort zone, improving mental health and keeping your body stimulated. Volunteering doesn't have to be a huge commitment because it is based around YOU and your interests. It also lets you connect with a diverse group of people that you may otherwise not have the chance to. Volunteering provides a sense of purpose and makes you feel good. For those students out there, having volunteering on your resume is a bonus because it shows that you care about more than just money and also have been part of a team effort (but don't just do it for the resume). 


How to find Volunteering Organizations:

VolunteerMatch is a non-profit that matches you with the best available volunteering events and organizations to your liking. You tell them what you'd like to work with, whether that's youth, the environment, or a plethora of other opportunities, as well as your schedule to help set you up with the best fit for you.


Patagonia Action Works, build by Patagonia, aims to connect committed individuals to organizations working on environmental issues in the same community. They have made it possible for you to discover and connect with environmental action groups where you are and help get involved.

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