Our Story

About Sekoyia

We’re on a mission to safeguard and sustain our natural world by inspiring individual action, empowering daily changes in lifestyle, and building a community of impact. 

We provide curated sets of products, stories, and evidence of environmental impact (both good and bad), and tailored reports on the impact your actions make on the world around you. 

Through our quarterly kits, we provide alternatives to everyday products such as plastic wrap, resealable sandwich bags, water bottles, toothbrushes, soaps, and much more. 

Each kit is curated to address a specific aspect of consumption (like water usage, waste, energy, and hygiene), and includes an impact report which shows you just how big a difference you can make with what might feel like small changes to your daily routine. 

We also show you the collective impact made by our entire Sekoyia community, because your efforts are so much more than a drop in the bucket. Together, we’ll make an ocean of difference.

Letter From the Founder

My experience of growing up in Southern Africa instilled in me a passion for exploration and travel. As I moved to the more convenient lifestyle of the US, my desire to explore did not dissipate. Over time and many travels, my eyes were opened to the beauties of our incredible world. 

Conversely, I’ve also seen the negative impacts of our current lifestyles on our amazing cities and landscapes. We are at risk of losing them , ruining the sights and sounds of Earth for us and for future generations.

Lasting change is not achieved by a single step, but it does start with one. I founded Sekoyia to empower us all to start making changes in our lives to protect our planet. 

All of our small steps add up. Our decisions matter today. We just need to start. 

Let's lead with our lifestyles. 

- Gareth Lewis

The Story Behind The Name

Our name “Sekoyia” was born out of a visit to Yosemite National Park. We were listening to a park ranger speak about the rich history of how Yosemite came to be. Among those details is the lesser known fact that John Muir, the “Father of the National Parks,” had asked President Teddy Roosevelt to visit what is now called Yosemite.

To convince Roosevelt that the land was worth protecting, Muir brought Roosevelt on a camping trip to fully experience the beauty of the area, where they camped overnight under the iconic sequoia trees. The beauty, history and age of the trees so enthralled Roosevelt that it became part of his inspiration to create the national parks system, making these lands public and protected for future generations.

It's our dream for Sekoyia to be the inspiration for many to do the same, and take steps to protect our environment.

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